“Between the Squibs” welcomes your input. In its optimal form, the entries from people other than me would outnumber my own. I hope that this blog becomes a truly collective enterprise. We will see how that turns out.

For now, all submissions will go through me. If you have found an interesting item from the CNY, please do send it in.

The e-mail address is: betweenthesquibs [under the domain] gmail [and the last part is] com.

Send anything that you would regard as a “find” — a compelling article, a remarkable short story, an unusually good cartoon, an advertisement that reveals something about a bygone era, a good line, a good squib, anything.

Once an idea is submitted, I will look up the item and compose a post about it, most likely incorporating a quotation from the original sender and usually after receiving the approval of the person who submitted the idea.


32 Responses to Submissions

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